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Renasculpt Fe30 Simultaneity Work Ems Sculpt Slimming Machine Manufacture

Product Description

Feature: Weight Loss

Function: Buttock Lifting,Build Muscle And Burn Fat

Technology: Ems+ High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic

Energy Intensity: 13 Tesla

Delivery Time: 3-12 Days

Renasculpt Fe30 Simultaneity Work Ems Sculpt Slimming Machine Manufacture

Why Choose RenaSculpt,FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine


1. Stronger Stimulation Double layer Coil generates deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects.

2. Water Cooling Technology TeslaSculpt equipped with liquid-cooled applicators that allows long time operation without any overheat issue.

3. Double Sculpting Four Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns independently or simultaneously.

4. High Efficiency TeslaSculpt allows you to do 50,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle and while at the same time dissolving fat.

Winkonlaser Beauty Equipment Supplier Of Renasculpt Ems Muscle stimulator Build Machine

FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine,You just need to lie down to complete your daily calorie consumption, in addition to meeting fitness needs, renasculpt fe60, as the most popular equipment in beauty salons in 2022, is equipped with (ems + rf + renafem) three technologies, in leisure Experience skin firming and muscle growth. renasculpt fe60 has 5 handles for arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs, pelvic muscle fat burning and muscle building and repair

What is HI-EMT?

FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine,it is a revolutionary new body sculpting procedure FDA approved to burn fat and build muscle mass. This completely non-invasive treatment builds muscle and reduces unwanted fat at the same time by using high intensity focused electromagnetic energy channeled through large paddles, it stimulates supramaximal muscle contractions in your targeted muscle groups. These contractions are involuntary and are induced at a rate of approximately 50,000 contractions per 30 minutes–that’s like doing 50,000 crunches or squats in half an hour!



Who is a good candidate for Renasculpt?

FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine,The ideal candidates for this body sculpting treatment are healthy women and men with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less wanting to eliminate pockets of stubborn fat and build more muscle mass in the buttocks, stomach, legs, or upper arms.

Almost anyone can use this technology.

“HI-EMT is for both men and women and is equivalent to 50,000 muscle movements or 5.5 hours working out in the gym, no down time, no needles, completely noninvasive and can be done completely clothed (light clothes like leggings, shorts etc.)”

How Does HI-EMT Sculpt Burn Fat?
The quick, repetitive contractions in your targeted muscle groups cause a chain reaction in your muscles:

The muscles release a chemical signaling local fat cells to break down in order to sustain the rapid contractions with adequate energy.

This process of lipolysis, or fat cell destruction, metabolizes local fat cells.

The fat cells are eventually broken down completely and expelled by your body as waste.

Thanks to the pulsing electromagnetic energy, your body’s process of metabolizing fat cells is optimized at nearly 5x the normal rate during this procedure.

How long does it take?
FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine,Each session is only 30 minutes but a program of between four and six sessions within two weeks is generally recommended with a single follow up session approximately six to eight weeks following.

What do I need to do to prepare for session?
You will find the sessions more comfortable if you don’t eat for about an hour prior to your appointment. 

What do I need to do after every session session?
If your goal is improve your shape or get rid cellulitis, we have more services to achieve your dream body like wood therapy session to create curvy shapes, fascia blaster session to improve skin texture, manual lymphatic drainage massages to detoxify your body and sessions of Infrared Sauna to boost your metabolism to burn faster calories and release the toxins.

What does it feel like?
There is an electromagnetic pulse going into your muscle which can vary between a tickling feeling through to a minor contraction-like feeling.  

How fast does it work?
FE30 Renasculpt HI-EMT Emslim 4 Handles Ems Sculpting Machine,On average results can be seen following the third or fourth session. Further visible differences can be seen 2 to 4 weeks after the fourth session and the area will continue to improve for several weeks. 

“The most popular treatment area is the abdomen and in 30 minutes, you could enjoy a flatter, fitter stomach and perhaps even six pack abs. The other popular treatment is the butt, which tones and tightens after the first treatment and improves from there. Also, you can take advantage of your session and complete your arms or legs including the inner thighs.”

pregnancy or have any surgically implanted technology, such as a pacemaker or similar

Serious diseases, bacterial infections or inflammatory processes. Open skin wounds and eczema, fever, Sunburns and burns in general, Recent operations You must check with the surgeon. The size of the wound determines the recovery time needed, which may be 6 to 8 weeks. Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, Stents that have been active for less than six months, Atherosclerosis, blood circulation problems, Untreated high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, Bleeding disorders, diabetes mellitus, Cancer or tumors, Acute arthritis, Neurological diseases and epilepsy, Progressive muscular dystrophy, Abdominal and inguinal hernias, Undiagnosed back pain, Internal organ diseases.

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