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FE10 Renasclpt Ems Slimming Machine

Product Description

Feature: Weight Loss
Warranty: 1 Year
Function: buttock lifting,build muscle and burn fat
Applicator size: 170mm large treated area
Operation System: High Frequency
Application: For Commercial
Keywords: electromagnetic muscle stimulation device
Technology: high-intensity focused electromagnetic
Energy intensity: 7 Tesla, 10 Tesla

FE10 Renasclpt Ems Slimming Machine

                                             Why Choose RenaSculpt


                           1. Stronger Stimulation Double layer Coil generates deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects.

2. Water Cooling Technology TeslaSculpt equipped with liquid-cooled applicators that allows long time operation without any overheat issue.
3. Double Sculpting Four Magnetic Stimulation Applicators to treat all of your concerns independently or simultaneously.
4. High Efficiency TeslaSculpt allows you to do 50,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle and while at the same time dissolving fat.

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