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Renaslim HS1000A Multifunction Lipo Laser RF Cavitation Cryo Slimming Body Sculpt Beauty Machine

Product Description

Technoogy: Lipo Laser Rf Cavitation Cryo

Function: Body Slimming,Fat Removal

Handle number: 13

Delivery: 3-12 days

Renaslim HS1000A Multifunction Lipo Laser RF Cavitation Cryo Slimming Body Sculpt Beauty Machine

What is Cryolipolysis?
Though they may seem stubbornly resistant to attempts to exercise them away, fat cells are not as durable as other tissues in your body. Bringing fat cells to a low enough temperature will bring about necrosis, or cellular death. Since other tissues in the body do not experience necrosis until they reach lower temperatures, cryolipolysis relies on exposing an area of the body to a particular range of cold temperatures for just long enough to kill fat cells without damaging other tissues.

After a fat freezing procedure, the damaged fat cells are processed out through your body’s natural systems for processing cellular waste. When performed correctly on a stubborn fat deposit, cryolipolysis can indeed reduce the amount of fat cells in a given area of the body, though there are some limitations to how much fat you will lose.

Fat freezing only works on subcutaneous fat, or the fat found underneath the skin. The visceral fat stored elsewhere in your body cannot be treated with a cryolipolysis procedure, which is the main reason this procedure is considered cosmetic rather than a weight loss treatment.

How Effective is Cryolipolysis?
When measured with a caliper, fat deposits treated with CoolSculpting generally result in an average fat reduction of 20%. While this may not seem like much to someone wanting fat to vanish instantly, compared to the efficacy of current treatment paradigms, this outcome measures up favorably. This reduction can take several weeks or months to achieve as your body slowly processes out the fat from the treated area.

For all the limitations of CoolSculpting procedures, there are some other advantages over other plastic surgeries. Perhaps the first is the fact that infection, always a risk with any invasive procedure or surgery such as liposuction, is not a factor in cryolipolysis. As a non-invasive procedure, the applicator used in a fat freezing procedure does not break the skin. This means the risks associated with the procedure are significantly lowered. Other non-surgical fat reduction techniques such as radiofrequency fat removal share this particular benefit.

Cryolipolysis is also preferred by some plastic surgeons due to the high levels of patient satisfaction. With very little recovery time and none of the complications of procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting makes for a low risk, relatively low cost option for patients trying to get rid of the last few stubborn fat bulges such as love handles or fat deposits under the chin.

For many patients, properly treating an area of the body may take several individual cryolipolysis treatment sessions. Since several weeks are required for the body to process out the fat cells removed during a treatment session, your plastic surgeon will not know how effective a particular treatment session has been for some time. Since the treated area also needs time to recover, a full treatment regimen can take several months.

Is Cryolipolysis Permanent?
Cryolipolysis treatment permanently destroys the cells in the fat layer under the skin of the treated area, and once those cells are processed out of your body, they do not return. This is not to say you can’t still gain weight after a sculpting procedure. Anyone who has undergone a sculpting or body contouring procedure needs to still maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle down the road to prevent additional fat deposits from forming. If you consistently feed your body more calories than it uses, your body will need to store it somewhere, and weight gain will eventually result.

The Limitations of Cryolipolysis
For patients considering cryolipolysis for fat reduction, it is important to keep in mind the limitations and potential side effects non-invasive body contouring can carry. Perhaps the most significant limitation is the raw amount of fat that can be treated at any one time. With a relatively small treatment area such as under the chin, the amount of fat you may lose is quite small.

Though the main side effects associated with other body sculpting procedures are not a concern with CoolSculpting, there are still potential downsides. In some rare cases, a condition known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia can cause other fat cells in the body to swell in size, creating fat bulges that were not previously visible. This reaction is more common in men, and particularly so in individuals of Hispanic descent.

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